Make Money Online: Swagbucks Review

Jordan Atkinson

15 Jun 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Making Money Online Techniques

We're all about making money online here at Profit Accumulator, which is why we've made a Swagbucks Review. In this day there are multiple new avenues for earning money for yourself. They differ vastly from the more conventional ways that our previous generations used. Making money online is now possible. Often people think it's hard to get into or that there isn't really a great deal of money to be made. That's why we're reviewing different techniques that when combined could earn you a living online, or if done sparingly can generate you some income on the side.

Online Surveys

One popular way of earning cash online is through online surveys. These websites and services have gone from strength to strength over the last ten years. There's now millions of people around the world using websites such as Swagbucks to earn some extra cash.

Swagbucks Review: Does it really work?

Yes, it works. Swagbucks is the largest free online rewards program. You can participate in all sorts of marketing related task for real money.

You earn points for completing tasks that are known as "SB". SB can then be redeemed for a number of different things such as money into your PayPal account, Amazon vouchers and M&S vouchers. Alternatively, you can use your SB to donate money to a multitude of charities.

The more SB you bank the better the rewards. For example, if you've banked 4000 SB you can redeem that for £25 via PayPal.

The great thing about Swagbucks is it doesn't require any monetary investment on the user's end - only your time. And, like most things, the more time you put in, the more money or vouchers you will earn.

Getting Started

Signing up to Swagbucks is easy and straightforward. If you click the image below to sign up you'll get £3 free to start you off.

Also, make sure to enter the signup code "RSWAGBUCKS" for another free 70SB. If you do both of these it will give your initial SB a good boost! Installing the "Swagbutton" will also earn you an extra 50SB.

Categories Breakdown

Most Popular

This category is just a combination of what people are doing the most to earn their SB. It's generally a good place to start and definitely worth checking everyday. The community generally pick the easiest tasks to complete that give the highest SB, so it's a good balance and not too taxing.

Explore Content

Exploring content is all about clicking through websites, watching the odd video - essentially as the name suggests you're just working you way through content of all shapes and sizes. If you hover over the specific task it will give you a brief description. This is useful as some tasks will contain NSFW or 18+ content which you may want to avoid.

Sometimes tasks go unnoticed, so the explore category is your chance to find something new that others perhaps haven't tapped into. They're constantly updated so make sure to check regularly and you may come across a great SB earner.

Discover Special Offers

Swagbucks list offers from multiple sources. Ecommerce sites, Credit Card Companies, News websites, Fashion Brands, etc. They often have promotions or offers on and this category is all about taking advantage of them. By doing so you'll be earning some good SB so it really is a win/win situation.

Answer Surveys

Going back to the roots of Swagbucks is the surveys section. People often think that's all there is to Swagbucks and don't realise there's much more to it nowadays. Completing surveys tend to be time consuming and not that rewarding in terms of SB. However, they're usually very straightforward and easy to complete so don't discount them.

Relax, have a read and work your way through five or ten and a time and you'll soon start to see your SB rise. Swagbucks also usefully list the estimated time it will take you to complete the survey which will help you decide whether you want to complete it or not.

Watch Videos

This is the section I use least in Swagbucks. The reward for time put in is generally low and so I feel your time can be better spent completing other tasks. I have found occasionally that some of the videos are focused around a hobby or interest of mine and so I will watch them in that case. Your mileage may vary, but again, I feel that there are better tasks to complete and these videos are only really useful if you've completed all the other profitable tasks for the day.

Play Games

Playing games is a fun way to earn yourself SB. I tend to think of it as getting paid to play Miniclip games. Many of the offers do tend to be focused around earning SB for in-game purchases but I've found that not all are like that. Pick and choose whichever tasks interest you as with the other categories.

If you've got some time to kill or are bored later in the evening, open Swagbucks and go to the Play Games section to discover new online games as well as earn more SB.


Most of us shop online for a large amount of things. From clothes and electronics to groceries. Swagbucks offers a way to both earn cash back and SB whilst shopping online. If you're planning to buy yourself some new holiday clothes or a new TV, check what offers Swagbucks have to see if you could be saving money through Swagbucks.

This category might not be useful every day to earn SB, but on the occasion it is useful it tends to be very profitable.

How much can you make?

I have been using Swagbucks for around three weeks now and have made 4126 SB. That's enough to redeem £25 via PayPal - so enough to pay my phone bill for the month. I haven't been using Swagbucks every day and when I do use it it's only for an hour or so at a time.

If you have more free time to put into Swagbucks you will definitely be earning more. But again, it's more suited to the casual user. Build your Swagbucks up over time and treat yourself to a new TV come Christmas?

Is it worth your time?

Yes, it is worth your time. Will you make a fortune doing it? No.

Whether you enjoy Swagbucks or not really depends on how you approach it. If you approach it hoping to earn a little bit of extra cash in your spare time then it's fine. If you approach it hoping to earn decent money - I'm talking £100-£1000 per month - then you will end up very frustrated. I think you're better saving up enough SB to get Amazon vouchers and then use those vouchers to pay for household stuff. That way you will see the benefit of it.

Also, try getting involved with a Swagbucks community for some good inside information and tips on what offers are hot on any given day. I use

In conclusion, if you're looking to make good money each month we would recommend matched betting. We estimate the average hourly wage for matched betting to be £15 per hour - which is far more rewarding that Swagbucks. However, making a living online is all about combining multiple techniques and Swagbucks is a great way to add to your total and earn more each month. You can redeem you SB for Amazon vouchers and purchase essentials from there, which will mean you'll have more money spare for other things each month. Someone who is successful in working from home and earning money online will be resourceful enough to use all websites and techniques available to them. So, in that respect, we definitely recommend giving Swagbucks a go!

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