How much money did our members make last month? December 2020


5 Jan 2021

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

December 2020 Matched Betting Overview

December ended on a very nice note thanks to Bet365 giving their Bet £50 Get £50 in-play offer on the Arsenal v Chelsea and Man Utd v Wolves games. These two offers alone bagged our members around £65+ in profit for literally a couple of minutes of effort. (Bet365 further topped it off by giving us the offer again on the Chelsea v City game on the 3rd January!)

There were well over 600 opportunities to make some very quick cash via Price Boosts throughout the month too - here's just a select few of the favourites that popped up...

Doing just these few selected boosts would have taken around 15-25 minutes (depending on experience) and bagged you a total profit £39.26. Not a bad return at all for such little work.

Member Reported Profits for December 2020

The Newer Members

If you join our ever growing Facebook Group you can see how some of our newest members got on in December here.

The Older Members

At the end of every month we ask our more long-term members to share in our Matched Betting forum how they’ve got on, how much profit they’ve made and what offers they did to make these profits.

These kinds of forum threads act as a great motivator for newer members, but also show those thinking about starting just how much money can be made with Matched Betting when you decide to take action and put a bit of time and effort into it too – even if it’s just for a couple of hours each week.

It's also worth remembering that these members have fully completed all the bookmaker and casino signup offers and are only making money now doing Matched Betting reload offers.

Our Top Picks

Here’s our picks from the forum of our real members, earning real (tax-free) money with Matched Betting!

Quite a few members noted that they had their best month making money Matched Betting ever...

Well done all!

Then some more experienced members with slightly more time on their hands managed to hit close to or even over £1000 in profit...

Whilst others with a bit less time for Matched Betting still making a pretty decent profit too...

Not bad going just in time for Christmas!

Platinum Members can view the full Monthly Profits for December 2020 thread here.

As the forum is only accessible to our Platinum members, if you’d like to ask our members directly how much you could make with matched betting, or about how much time they spend matched betting and similar topics, then our Facebook Group is a great place to do so. There are (at the time of writing) over 19,000 new and long-term members in the group so it's a really great resource to take advantage of for any beginner.

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Interested in Getting Started Matched Betting?

You can start learning for free with our free trial and make your first profits.

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