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15 Jul 2022

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Many people searching for ways to make money online or for side hustles in the UK often also want to know if they will also make money quickly.

Many of the money-saving expert websites out there will tell you about lots of interesting ways to make cash. Many will also give the impression that it will be super easy and fast for you to make the money too. Few, however, back it up with any data and information from real-life people.

In May last year (2021), we went on a mission to find out how fast you can make your first £1000 Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator.

From a survey of 175 of our newest members who shared the time it took for them to make their first £1K in profit in our Matched Betting Forum - we found that the average time taken was only 58 days.

That means it’s very possible to make your first £1000 Matched Betting in less than 2 months!

Just over a year on now and we’re back to see if this average has changed at all and if it is still possible when you start Matched Betting today to make your first £1000 profit within your first 2 months.

Read on to see:

1) if the average time to the first £1K is still just 58 days
2) who broke the record of 11 days for the fastest time to reach the first £1000 profit

The Data Behind The First £1000 Profit

Where do we get the data from on how long it takes for someone new to Matched Betting to make their first £1000?

For last year’s survey, all the data came from a special profit milestone chat thread - the £1K Profit Club - in our website community forum.

(Existing Platinum and Diamond members can view the £1K Profit Club in the forum here).

The £1K Profit Club is the first profit milestone chat thread of the total of 7 that we have in the forum:


Before you get too excited about making £100K Matched Betting - the higher-end clubs are primarily for who we refer to as elite or pro Matched Bettors (see Alun’s story) - of which we only have a few. Becoming this highly profitable at Matched Betting - although possible for anyone to achieve - requires more time, energy and dedication than most of us can give.

If you browse our member testimonials, Trust Pilot Reviews and Facebook Group you will see typical Matched Bettors, who are often full-time working parents, full-time students, or stay-at-home parents, frequently sit in the £5K to £25K profit range.

You can read more of Paul’s story here.

For this year’s survey (June 2021 to June 2022) - we’ve not only used new members’ posts in the £1K Profit Club in the forum - but also any new members’ £1K or £1000 profit achievement posts from our Facebook Group.

Using both provides an even more comprehensive picture of how long, on average it takes for the majority of beginners to make their first £1000 Matched Betting.

55 Days - the new average time to make the first £1,000 with Matched Betting

That’s right! New members over the last year have chopped a massive 3 days off the average time to make the first £1000 profit Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator

From a survey of 157 member posts between June 2021 and June 2022 - the new average is now just 55 days.

Take a second to digest that…

It means if you started right now - 2 months later, you could very likely have an extra £1000 sat in your bank account.

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Let’s take a look at the data in a bit more detail now:

Record for the fastest time to £1000 - broken!

Last year, not one but 2 members hit their first £1000 profit within just 11 days of starting Matched Betting.

This year our member with the nickname ‘iofthetiger’ in our community forum smashed this record by 2 whole days:

Our existing Platinum and Diamond members can get detailed insights on how this member achieved this via the original post here.

As a breakdown for beginners, this member achieved this inspiring feat as they:

Had a larger starting bankroll meaning they could do more offers faster. A large bankroll is not necessary to start Matched Betting with - but the larger one you can invest, the faster you can make profits.

(Read more: Matched Betting bankrolls)

2) Dived right in by doing sports sign-up offers, casino sign-up offers and also existing customer offers for sports and casino (reloads) right away. They did also already have several big bookmaker accounts - meaning they weren’t able to make the full amount available Matched Betting from the signup offers that others could.

(Read more: Matched Betting without free bets)

3) Had no ‘really big’ casino wins. Their biggest casino was £139 - but they actually commented they made nearly £100 of their profit off completely free spin casino offers.

(Read more: Matched Betting Casino Offers)

(Watch: Live Casino Q&A)

The longest time to reach the first £1000 STILL makes Matched Betting very worthwhile

The longest reported time for a member to make their first £1000 was 6 months (or just over 180 days).

That still works out as an average of £166 extra cash per month these few members wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Why is there so much variation in how long it takes to hit £1K?

The reason some members take this long can be many:

1) because they have very little time (less than an hour/week) to give to Matched Betting,

2) because they started with a smaller bankroll (£20-£80) and can only progress slowly initially,

3) they had to use a substantial amount of their initial profits for something instead of re-investing as much as possible to start profiting from reload offers.

Everyone is different and that's why there can be so much variation with how long it takes to hit the first £1000 in profit.

Our Member Testimonials and Facebook Group are worth a browse for a detailed insight on how much you can make based on how much time you can spend.

Surely Matched Betting can’t be worthwhile if it could take 6 months to hit your first £1000 profit?

Matched Betting is worthwhile even if you only have the bare minimum of time each week (~30 minutes) to do it.

Personally, I’m not want to shirk off around £160 extra in my pocket each month for the sake of around 2 hours of Matched Betting.

Secondly, even if you choose to pay your Profit Accumulator membership monthly - which is more costly than taking an annual plan - the percentage return on your investment (ROI) is still substantial:

Using Experian's ROI calculator - if you also took 6 months to make your first £1000 and were on our current monthly Platinum membership (£29.99/month at the time of writing) you would have a massive return on your investment of 456%

If you could spare even less time every month and ended up taking an entire year to make your first £1000 profit…your ROI would still be 178%

Joining upfront for the year with one of our Annual Plans would also increase your ROI even further.

Don't forget as well - these percentage returns on your investment are only based on making your first £1000 in profit too. We’d expect you to make far more after your first grand in profit.

Experienced members can regularly make anything from £300-£1000, and sometimes more a month.

That's why we have £3K, £5K, £10K and higher Profit Clubs in our community. These are actual profits our members end up making with their Matched Betting.

Make your first £1000 free?!

At Profit Accumulator we are so confident in our services and how much money we can help you make with Matched Betting - even if you have very little time - that we actually offer
all new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on our services from the date of your first ever payment. (Full Refund Policy is available here).

38 of the 157 members surveyed this year made their first £1000 in profit within their first 30 days with us. In theory, right then they could have ended their membership, got a refund and walked away with £1000 extra in their back pocket. They then would have made that £1000 for free.

None of them did this though. They all chose to continue on profiting instead.


Well, would you stop something making you such brilliant money online so easily? All in your spare time and all for an exceptionally good price?

You'd be crazy to stop at your very first £1000 profit when there's so, so much more to be made.


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