Matched Betting Profits: June 2018

David Bagshaw

4 Jul 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Every month we ask our forum members how much money they have made from matched betting, during that month. June is a particularly interesting month because of the number of big sporting events (big sporting events = more offers = more potential profit).

In June, both the World Cup and Royal Ascot horse racing festival started. Two big events which proved to be very profitable for our members. In fact, many members report that this was their best month yet.

Our Pick From June's Thread

We'll start with the newbies. These are both members that have only just started their matched betting journeys.

Manchester33 earned a very respectable £478.

Esmerelda101 is in her second month and she earned £700 profit. By her own admission she still has a lot to learn and plenty of signups to get through.

90sRich is in his fourth month at PA and he earned a very impressive £2,232. He even created a little graph to demonstrate the increases in profits that he has experienced over the first four months. Well done Rich!

Next up we'll cover the members who reported their best ever month. Don't forget, these are real people earning real tax-free cash. None of these numbers are fabricated.

Last but not least, the high rollers. These are the members who are earning serious money. Granted this takes them more time, but it is still entirely possible.

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