Matched Betting Profits: September 2018

Jack Taylor

15 Oct 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Every month we ask our members how much money they have made from matched betting that month.

These are only a selection of the posts on the forum - in fact there were 200 posts on the forum thread!

If you're already a Platinum member, you can visit the thread here.

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The Picks From Septembers's Thread

We'll start with the new members. These are all members that are in their first few months.

Next we move to the more experienced members. These are the members that have been on the site for a few months so know the ropes. Typically they are making their money from the recurring reload offers. These are the numbers you can achieve if you stick with it. The differences in the numbers is decided by two things - firstly, how much time they dedicated to doing all the offers, and secondly how much of their initial profits are still invested into the bankroll. The more bank you have, the more offers you are able todo at the same time.

These two members have recently returned. They used to be members previously but have been tempted back by the potential of some easy money.

Last but not least we have one lucky person who broke the 5 figure mark last month. Wow!

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