7 Ways To Profit From Matched Betting This Summer!


12 Jun 2023

Updated: 21 Jun 2023

The football season has finished until the weekend of Saturday 5th August 2023. Boo!

You might now be wondering:

‘How can I do Matched Betting without football?’


‘Can I still make a decent amount of profit over summer?’

You are not alone in thinking this as many of our members have the same questions. The good news is that there are plenty of major sporting events taking place this summer. As a result, there will be loads of offers for you to continue growing your profits!

The football break also provides the perfect opportunity for you to learn some new types of offers which will lead to more profit in the long term. In this post, you will find a list of all the major sporting events taking place this summer, along with the best ways to profit from them!

Summer 2023 - Major Sporting Events


14th June - 18th June: UEFA Nations League (Football)

15th June - 18th June: The US Open (Golf)

16th June - 20th June: UEFA European Championship Qualifying

20th June - 24th June: Royal Ascot (Horse Racing)


3rd July - 16th July: Wimbledon (Tennis)

13th July - 15th July: Newmarket Festival (Horse Racing)

16th July – 23rd July: The Open Championship (Golf)

26th July - 30th July: Glorious Goodwood Festival (Horse Racing)


1st August - 5th August: Glorious Goodwood Festival (Horse Racing)

5th August - Onwards: Championship, League One and League Two begins (Football)

12th August - Onwards: Premier League first fixtures (Football)

23rd August - 26th August: York Ebor Festival (Horse Racing)

28th August - 10th September: US Open (Tennis)

7 Ways To Profit From Matched Betting This Summer!

As you can see, there is plenty of sport to look forward to this summer! So how, as Matched Bettors, can we take advantage and make some serious profits?

Let's take a look at our 7 top ways to make money from Matched Betting this summer!

1. Horse Racing Offers

There is horse racing every single day throughout the summer! If you haven't already, now would be a great time to learn about horse racing refund offers.

The best day of the week for horse racing offers is Saturday, typically in the afternoon when the racing is televised on ITV. Most bookies have better offers for races being shown on TV in the knowledge that more punters are watching these races.

You will find all the very best horse racing offers listed each day in the reload offers area.

You can also look forward to plenty of mid-week ITV races with festivals such as Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and York Ebor likely to present some very profitable offers from the bookies. The big horse racing festivals can be extremely lucrative as it's essentially just like a busy Saturday every single day!

Once you have mastered the horse racing refund offers you can move on to learning the more advanced extra place offers. Extra places are an advanced strategy so we strongly advise that you have completed all signup offers and have built up at least £1000 profit (ideally more) before attempting extra places.

2. Casino Offers

Unlike the sports offers, where you're relying on major sporting events to make money, casino offers run every single day of the year without fail. Whilst most offers aren't risk free, they can be an incredible way to grow your profits. What makes casino offers unique is that they can be done at almost any time. This means if its a quiet day for sports offers, or you find yourself with a bit of free time, you can get stuck into a few casino offers. Thousands of members are already smashing casino offers and achieving amazing results and the football break could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn about casino offers and join them!

Upgrade to our Diamond membership to get unlimited access to the following:

- Full Casino Training and Strategy Guides - straightforward video guides and full walk-through written guides for every type of offer that the casinos can throw at us

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3. Sports Signup Offers

You can lock in some easy profits by making sure you have completed all the sports signup offers. As a Platinum or Diamond member, you have access to over 40 different sports signup offers.Have you completed ALL of them? You may have either skipped some when you first started out or missed some of the ones we have added more recently.

Either way, it is well worth checking the signup offers section to make sure you have done them all!

4. Free Bet Clubs

The bookmakers will continue to run their weekly bet clubs during the summer. These work in a very similar way to the easy signup offers so even if you are relatively new to Matched Betting, you can use free bet clubs to keep your profits coming.

You may find that there is less choice when it comes to finding suitable bets without football. But, you can use the Oddsmatching software to help you find your bets. Horse racing should be a great option given there will be races every day, but keep an eye on the sports calendar above to see what other major events there may be to bet on.

5. Tennis Offers

Matched Betting on tennis can be a great way to add some profit over the summer. There are three Grand Slam tournaments running this summer:

French Open (22nd May - 11th June)

Wimbledon (3rd July - 16th July)

US Open (28th August - 10th September)

Each tournament has hundreds of matches you can bet on and we should see a few offers running.

WARNING: With tennis, you must be careful to check which bookies you are placing your tennis bets on.

This is due to the retirement rules being different for each site, meaning you can lay bets at the exchange for some sites, but you cannot for others. You may need to dutch some bets with other bookmakers that have the same retirement rules.

6. Golf Offers

Many bookmakers run offers on the major golf tournaments so this presents another opportunity to make money this summer. Soon we have 2 major golf tournaments, The US Open (15th June - 18th June) and The British Open (16th July - 23th July).

There are typically bet and get type offers such as bet £10 on a player, and get a free bet for every shot they are under par in the first and second rounds. Don’t worry if you do not know anything about golf! You can learn how to complete each offer by following our guides that will be listed in the reload offers section.

But, the biggest opportunity from golf will be extra place offers. These work similarly to horse racing extra place offers. You will find that the bookies often offer several extra places in major golf tournaments due to the large field competing in the event.

7. Cashback Offers

Cashback offers found in the Casino signup offers area and are often overlooked despite being very quick and easy to complete! The cashback offers could be a fantastic way to make some extra profit this summer, with over £200 in expected profit available.

The TopCashback offers are casino and bingo related so you cannot lay your bets. However, the majority of them pay more cashback than you initially deposit making them very low risk! You'll find step-by-step guides on how to maximise your potential profit from each of the offers when you upgrade to our Diamond membership.

Check Our Top Offers Of The Day

As you can see, when Matched Betting with Outplayed, there will be loads of offers to dive into this summer. Although it's great to have so many offers at your disposal, it can be quite daunting to pick out which ones to do, particularly if you have limited time. We understand this, so we make it really easy for you to decide which offers to focus on. In our Reload Offers section, you will find a compilation of the top sports reload offers and top casino reload offers available each day.

The offers listed here are selected with a balance of simplicity and value to help you prioritise the best offers! The offers posted here are by no means all of the reload offers available but are a great place to start each day.