How Long Does Matched Betting Take? Is Making £300 A Month Part-time Possible?

James McMath

26 Jun 2017

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

One of the most common questions people interested in Outplayed (formerly Profit Accumulator) ask is "how long does Matched Betting take?".

Understandably, many potential members want to know how much time they will need to spare to make a decent or worthwhile return.

Most members aim to top up their spare cash for spending each month, and that's why Matched Betting appeals to them - because it can be done with just a few hours a week that can fit in around other commitments, such as work, family life and hobbies.

Our team of Matched Betting experts help out with doing a list of the most profitable offers to do each day for those who have very limited time.

These are handpicked offers with a balance of simplicity and value to help you maximise your returns in the spare time you have.

The team also provide one on Casino Offers for those members on our Diamond Membership plan.

There is always plenty of value available each day and taking advantage of these offers alone can make it possible to make around £300 a month for what is relatively very little effort in comparison to many other side hustles.

How Long Does Matched Betting Take?

We asked some of our members how they manage their Matched Betting around their busy lifestyles.

One said: "It depends on work and family, really. At the beginning I spent loads of time on it, learning the ropes and picking up tips and tricks from others.

"Nowadays, I pick and choose, I don’t feel the need to do every offer. If I do a Saturday horse racing it will be a couple of hours, then just bits and bobs through the week."

Another said: "Don’t look at £300 for the month and think "that’s not much", instead look at £3,600 for the year and ask yourself would you turn that down if someone offered it to you?"

Ultimately with Matched Betting, as the old adage goes, ‘The more you put in, the more you get out’.

Of course, every single member is unique in the amount of Dedication, Money, Motivation and Time they have.

Equally, if someone who is unemployed and lives alone makes £500 per month, a person with a full-time job and a family cannot realistically expect the same.

What we do know from the numerous ’milestone’ posts we approve to our Facebook Group is that some of our members, given the right amount of the four traits mentioned above, can clear substantial profits within their first year.

We are well aware that that some of their profits just sound incredible to most new Matched Bettors and it can seem just too far fetched for most.

If you have plenty of time, create the space for dedicating yourself to learning all there is to know about the most common offers, and some of the more complex, there isn’t any reason why those sort of figures aren’t in reach for you.


There are over 50,000 members in our Facebook Group you can ask today about what can be made with Matched Betting. Our community is like no other - everyone helps each other make as much as possible all day long. It really is something special to be a part of, and you can be part of it too!


How to start Matched Betting with Outplayed

When Matched Betting with, as long as you follow the guides, you can’t lose, only profit. Matched Betting is not an alternative to employment or a solution to financial concerns. Profits can vary dramatically based on time and effort.