How much profit our members made in 2016

James McMath

2 Jan 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Profit Accumulator has the biggest and most active matched betting forum on the web.

As a little end-of-year straw poll, one the administrators asked members how much profit they made in 2016.

Admin JamesPA asked: "Please post in here the profits you made for the whole of 2016!
"What offers did you make the most profits from?
"Which bookies did you make the most out of?
"Please also mention how long you were a member for, all of 2016 or only part of the time."

The feedback was fascinating.

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Plenty of replies said they mad made £20k-plus profit, with many around the £24,000 mark and one reply close to £28,000.

Now, it should be said that we have to take their word for it, but the forum have no reason to make it up.

Fisherm3 wrote: "£27,779.83 to the penny, not a bad year."

Riskyslots wrote: "Over 24k and not a penny paid in tax! Lovely!!

"Casino offers are my thing and how I make my profit.

"Ive been a member since Nov 15."

Spoken wrote: "Been going just over a year. Started 20.12.15. Not a clue what I have made if I am honest. Stopped keeping count as it takes too long and I have a life outside of match betting.

"I still gamble, free bets as well as my money.
"I know, I know I am a terrible human being.

"All I know is I had no money in my pocket money account at the end of each month before match betting.

"If I total what is in my bank and all my bookie accounts it is about 5k. I have spent a bit too mind you. I would hazard a guesstimate at 6 or 7k.

"Happy days. Only match bet weekends and a little in the evenings. Play football Saturday afternoons so not taken advantage of horse racing as much as I could, also lost bet365.

"If i make 5k this year I will be happy."

Another user, gclarke1985 replied with: "£4800 for me. Mostly sign ups and reloads. Have dabbled in horse refunds and casinos but starting to find Accas really profitable.

"Started 14/01/16 and should easily make the 5k club before my year anniversary."

adidas1971365 added: "£16,000, mostly from reloads and I do still have a gamble, really should stop and match my acca's, be interesting to see how much more i would make that way.

"Make a lot from 888 PP. Been a member since January 2015."

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