How To Make £1000 A Month Matched Betting

Jordan Atkinson

4 Aug 2022

Updated: 9 May 2023

Is It Even Possible To Make £1000 A Month With Matched Betting?

By now, you're probably well aware of Matched Betting, and have seen some of the stories of people making £1000 or more every single month. But ever wondered HOW to make £1000 per month Matched Betting? Is it even really possible?

Yes...but it depends on a few key things. These include (among other things):

  1. How experienced you are at Matched Betting
  2. The amount of spare time you have available to do Matched Betting
  3. How big your Matched Betting bankroll is
  4. How many healthy betting accounts you have available
  5. Whether you do casino offers as well as sports offers

Paul and Tracy are two very successful Matched Bettors who have shared their success stories in our Facebook Community. 

Even though it's possible to make substantial amounts of money Matched Betting it is not an alternative to employment or a solution to financial concerns. 

If you've already used Matched Betting before and are looking to continue to make money from it, then skip to the section titled "Reload Offers". If you're new to it all, then read on from here.

How To Target £1000 A Month If You've Not Started Matched Betting Yet?

I'm not going to explain how Matched Betting works in this article, as we have really useful videos on our website explaining  that. In this article I will just discuss the techniques that some of or members have used to target £1000/month in profit with their Matched Betting.

When you're starting out Matched Betting, it can seem slow to make money, but as you progress and gain experience, the harder tasks become faster and easier. 

Here at Outplayed, we list all the Matched Betting offers known currently in the UK, and we also help with Odds Matching, this takes a lot of the ground work out for you, allowing you to focus on making money. We really recommend getting a membership to a Matched Betting site. Outplayed lists more offers than any of our competitors, and we also have the largest active Matched Betting forum, which offers support, and down the line, invaluable advice on making as much as you can from Matched Betting.

Before you pay for a membership with Outplayed, we give you two offers for free, allowing you to make up to £40. This should cover your first month's membership and allow you to test the waters and understand what's involved with Matched Betting (it's easy, really).


Getting Started On Your Journey To £1000

So, you've got your account set up, you have access to all the offers, and you've completed our two free beginner offers. But, where do you go from here? We recommend completing our Signup Offers section first. You'll need more money in the bank to complete the bigger offers, but hopefully by the time you reach them you will have the money needed to complete them.

Take your time going through the Signup Offers. There are lots of useful hints, tips and videos included along the way that will help you down the line. On completion of these first offers, you should have pocketed yourself anything up to £600.

During these offers, you may find yourself waiting around for cash withdrawals from the bookies, this problem will go away over time as you build up cash in your bank account. If you started with a bigger budget, you won't have this issue.

Useful reading: Matched Betting Bankrolls Explained

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Add On Casino Signup Offers

You've finished the Sports Signup Offers, are nearly £500 better off, and are looking to make your first £1000. So, what next? We'd recommend the lowest-risk casino signup offers.

Although we usually include 1-2 example Casino Signup Offers in the Outplayed Platinum Membership option, to get access to over 60 casino signups that are worth over £700 in potential profit, you will need to upgrade to a full-access, elite Diamond Membership.

See: Outplayed Membership Levels Explained

We recommend that you take your time whilst you work through the low-risk casino signup offers so you can become more familiar with how Matched Betting works and long-term profit strategies. Efficiency really is key.

To make £1000 a month you will need to be spending at least 1-2 hours per day Matched Betting - so use your time wisely!

After you work through the lower risk Casino Signup Offers, you should be well over £1000 in profit, and all this can be completed within the first month of signing up.

But this is where some people fall down, and don't continue to make money from Matched Betting, or see their profits dwindle. That's where our Reload Offers really come into their own.

Matched Betting Reload Offers

Reload offers, or offers for existing casino and bookmaker customers, are the bread and butter in Matched Betting.

These are the offers that make £1000+ per month possible with Matched Betting.

By the time you move onto Reload Offers make sure you have completed all of the sports and casino signup offers. 

If you want to target £1000/month profit (or thereabouts) with Matched Betting it's recommend to keep as much as you can in your Matched Betting pot. The larger your bankroll is for Matched Betting, the more offers you can do simultaneously and the more you can potentially make.

Reload Offers can be very different to the original offers you completed. Some may have different requirements such as placing the bet from mobile, or having to make multiple bets before qualifying for the free bet. However, if completed correctly, they will have the same outcome - making you money!

We have hundreds of Reload Offers listed on our website, and every day on our Matched Betting Forum there are Reload Offers posted.

It's important to not be too picky when it comes to doing reload offers, if it's different to what you're used to don't dismiss it, or if it's only £1 don't dismiss it either. They all add up, and you should have the required skills by this stage to complete offers of varying difficulty.

Get yourself into a routine, keep money in your pot, and set yourself a figure to make each day, each week and each month.

Do every offer you can. That is the big secret to making the kinds of profits our most successful members make in their first year Matched Betting.

Once you have mastered the basic reloads you then need to start the more advanced reload offers.

The two most lucrative advanced reload offers in Matched Betting are considered to be:

Matched Betting The Football 2UP Early-payout Offer

Matched Betting Horse Racing Extra Places


  1. Sign up to a Matched Betting site to cut down your workload. 
  2. Complete the Sports Signup Offers, get an understanding of how Matched Betting works, start making money.
  3. Complete the Casino Signup Offers. Aim to make your first £1000-£2000 in profit.
  4. Keep as much money as you can in your pot (bankroll) to put towards Matched Betting reload offers
  5. Transition to Reload Offers. Once you have the experience, start the most advanced reload offers.

£1000 a month Matched Betting is possible using the strategies outlined above. However - you need to put a lot of your spare time in if you want to target £1000/month and most members and our team would agree you also need a significant sized bankroll (of several £1000). 

Check out some other articles below based on some of the common questions we receive as well as our betting calculators, which help you make the most profitable bets and increase your betting earnings.


You can earn money via Outplayed today by clicking here for your free trial.

Matched Betting is not an alternative to employment or a solution to financial concerns. Profits can vary dramatically based on time and effort.