How To Outplay The Bookies Without Football Betting Tips


1 Mar 2022

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

Do you spend hours looking at team news, current form and previous results trying to find some winning football betting tips?

We’ve all been there!

You place some bets, only for one team to let you down.

Just like that the rest of your weekend is ruined.

The bookies always set themselves up to win in the long run.

They do this without needing to know which team will win or how many goals there will be.



You will see exactly how you can start doing this today!

You will also discover why football betting tipsters want their own tips - and YOU - to lose.

Why Do Football Betting Tipsters Actually Want You To Lose?

ALL online tipsters will make a potential return each time their football betting tips lose.

You heard right, THEY WIN when their tips and YOU LOSE.

Betting tipsters often include a special offer linking you to a bookmaker website.

When you join a bookie via a tipster’s link, they will earn a share of any money you lose betting. Every single time you lose.

This means that you lose money and they make it.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Football betting tipsters want you to sign up, use their tips and then get a return from your likely losses!

Why Do The Bookies Always Win?

Even if you are getting the Best Odds available, they will still be in the bookies' favour to give them a mathematical edge.

This sets the bookies up to win consistently, regardless of the outcome of football matches.

Their strategy is to lock in relatively small but can provide returns.

It’s smart. It’s simple. It makes them a heap of money.

With this simple but effective strategy, the bookies can control their losses and get a return on each football match.

But, there is a way you can put the odds in your favour and beat the bookies at their own game.

You can start doing this today!

How You Can Beat The Bookies and Never Need Football Betting Tips Again

Very soon you’ll see exactly how people are making money from betting on football.

Whatsmore, some of these people have no idea about football and had never placed a bet before.

Before we discuss the money making strategies, you'll need a little background on the method we'll be using.

It’s called Matched Betting.

Matched Betting is a method of turning free bets, boosts and similar special promotions offered by online bookies into real cash.

Regardless if your team wins, loses or draws, YOU WIN.

How is this possible?

By covering all the potential outcomes in a football match.

When we do this, we can either:

- Make a potential return quickly.

- Put the odds in our favour to make ourselves return over the long term (as the bookies do!).

Want to see this basic strategy in action?

We have a completely free trial you can join! (Like - completely free - we don’t take any card details or ask for any payment - just register with your email address - that’s it).


Once you’ve got your free trial, watch our training videos and it will all click into place.

If you haven't got a Coral or Betfred account - you can follow along to make yourself up to £40 cash.

All without a football betting tip in sight!

Already have a Coral and Betfred account?

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They can help you use those accounts to make money from existing customer offers.

The Absolute Best Football Betting Strategies That Work Every Time (LOOK! No Tips!)

Like the bookies, you’ll never need any football tips to be profitable betting on football. (Serious - no tips needed - none at all!)

You can use these Matched Betting strategies to provide returns long term.

Once you finish the free trial, you can upgrade to a Platinum membership.

This will give you full access to all of our amazing guides, tools and software.

This will help you get a return from these offers and strategies really easily - like thousands of our members already do.

Price Boosts: Returns fast, easy and often

Price boosts (or odds boosts) are the quickest and easiest way to make a return from football betting.

You will likely have seen when bookies offer special ‘enhanced odds’.

Whilst these boosts are a ploy to try and attract more custom, we can use them to lock in that return.

By placing a Matched Bet we cover all outcomes of the event to ensure we profit whatever the end result!

The Sky Bet Price Boosts in particular are very generous and a great example of how you can bet on football without tips and still make a profit.

It is such a great feeling putting your feet up before 3pm on a Saturday knowing you have already made a profit!

Bet Builders: Use the bookie's favourite bet type against them

An increasingly popular bet type you will see at bookmakers is a "create your own bet" style of bet.

It allows you to select multiple different outcomes in a match and then gives you the odds for your custom bet.

Bookmakers heavily promote these types of bets, because they have very large profit margins (which means terrible odds for the punter). As a result, they will attach a special offer to encourage you to bet in this way.

You can use Matched Betting to lock in a profit.

Outplayed will show you how to extract money from these types of bets.

All this without the bookies knowing what you are up to!

2up Early Payout: The ultimate football betting strategy

This is by far the most profitable offer you can do.

This will beat any previous football betting tips you may have followed in the past.

Some bookies offer to pay out early if your team goes two goals ahead.

You can use Matched Betting to give yourself a super low-risk chance of some HUGE profits!

As a Outplayed member, we’ll show you how.

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