Football Tips For Beginners


28 Nov 2022

Updated: 9 May 2023

In the UK, betting on football is the most popular sport. And with good cause! In addition to being the most popular sport overall, there are hundreds of various betting options accessible due to the game's versatility.

Here are some really basic football betting advice for those new to football betting;

When you visit an online bookmaker for the first time or as a newbie, it's really simple to feel overwhelmed. There is a lot to see. Not to mention the thousands of distinct markets, many of which are difficult to comprehend.

This is annoying because the majority of bettors start out because their friends are doing it and purportedly winning. They merely want to partake in the action! However, it's crucial to keep in mind that many people make a big deal out of their victories while being very silent about their defeats. However, the majority of people do lose. It's not by accident that gambling businesses are multi-million pound enterprises.

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The Growth of Tipsters

This has given some people a business opportunity because there is a perception that many people are making money through betting, despite the fact that the majority of people aren't.

You probably have interacted with purported "professional" tipsters on social media if you have even the remotest interest in online betting.

But in actuality, there aren't many experts. They spread football betting advice like a net to grab anyone who might be seduced by the promise of quick cash.

You may not be aware that many of these tippers actually EARN money when you lose.

When they provide links to a bookmaker so that their followers can register an account, they get a cut of each customer's winnings. Why then would they provide advice that cost the bookmaker money and cost them money as well?

The best chance you have to win is to disregard football betting advice from tipsters and focus on conducting independent research without the cloud of a tipster providing teams which they will win on regardless. This isn’t easy either.

Bet Recreationally

In all actuality, aside from Matched Betting this is the only possible way to bet. Did you realise that if you put in the time and effort necessary to succeed, the bookmakers would just prohibit you in the end?

So the best course of action is to give your money a final goodbye, conduct some research to marginally improve your chances, and then simply gamble for fun.

When you take on the bookmakers with your own football opinions, it is much more entertaining. However, watching wager after wager fail might get discouraging after a while.

Is There Another Option?

Actually, there is. We mentioned it above and it's called Matched Betting. A method for getting money from the bookies that involves mathematical strategy to extract a return regardless of the result. Yes, the agonising hunt for football betting advice is over.

With the use of matched betting, you can finally turn the tables on the bookie and start earning extra money.

The process is straightforward. Are you aware of the free bets that bookmakers provide to new customers? Thought so, using these along with some clever strategy, you can convert them into real money that you can deposit directly into your bank account.

Bookies have a variety of continuing deals that you can take advantage of. This is a betting strategy that might displace conventional gambling and develop into something you can work with regularly. Oh, and there is no tax on it! Good right? Check out the Outplayed article on Matched Betting & Tax for more information.

Additionally, to learn more about Matched Betting, check out the plethora of information available on our website as well as our extensive video library, which walk you through how to make extra money using this method step-by-step.

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