How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning Accumulators Every Time


27 Oct 2020

Updated: 9 May 2023

Accumulators or ‘accas’ are a popular type of bet among punters as it allows one to win high returns. To win the bet, punters must choose multiple selections for one bet and all selections must win for punters to win the bet.

To increase their chances of winning, punters often look for accumulator tips from betting sites. However, more factors go into the process of selecting and winning accumulators. To win accumulator bets successfully, follow these five basic tips below.

Follow good tipster sites

As mentioned, accumulator tips are a significant part of increasing your chances to win. Given this fact, it’s necessary to find tipster sites that offer successful tips all the time. With so many tipster sites that are currently in the betting market, how do you know which is the right one?

First of all, take the time to do your research on all the tipster sites that you can find. Ideally, a good tipping service offers a wide range of tips to help build good accumulators, clear bet selections and stakes, updated profit and loss figures, and overall professional customer service.

Make sure that site is also a legitimate and reliable tipster site. Moreover, it’s always best to go through tipsters sites that already have a good reputation in the betting community.

Research as much as you can

No matter what kind of bet you will make or how long you have been betting, research is a necessary step to increasing your chances of winning accumulators. After all, without the right information, how can you make well-informed decisions?

If you’re betting football accumulators, checking fixtures, the odds of the game and league tables are a good start to gathering the information you need to make the right selections. These data will help narrow down and formulate your bets.

While some may find research a tedious task, never skip on this part if you want to boost your chances of winning. However, be also careful not to over-analyse the games. To avoid this, make sure you always stick to the facts that you have gathered.

Look for offers or promotions

Bookmakers offer different incentives for players such as welcome bonuses or discounts. Over time, betting sites will offer more types of rewards that will help you gain an advantage when playing. Use these wisely, especially when betting on accumulators.

Acca insurance and acca boosts are popular incentives used on accumulators. Acca insurance provides a refund if a selection loses, while acca boosts make bookmakers increase your acca odds in exchange for placing a bet. If you get your hands on these, don’t hesitate to use them at the right time to save you from any loss.

Take time to strategise

After gathering all the information, setting up a plan is key to winning accumulators every time. Different punters will have their own strategies, so it would be difficult to find and choose one effective strategy for you. However, these two rules can help you create your strategy.

First, stick with betting a certain amount of matches. Often, punters get excited when an accumulator is doing well so they add another selection to increase their winnings. However, this is risky as that last selection can ruin your acca.

Lastly, determine how much you want to profit from your stakes. Identifying this beforehand will not only help you find the right matches to bet on but also prevent you from betting more and overspending.

When setting a strategy, remember that following through is also an important factor for winning.

Take note of these tips to maximise your wins when betting on accumulators. Just keep in mind that accumulators still pose high risks despite its high return. If the risk is too high for you, try matched betting instead. It’s a type of bet that eliminates the risks involved with gambling, and thus guarantees good profits. Whichever type of bet you choose, the following tips will be generally helpful to increase your chances of winning.

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