How much money did our members make last month? July 2021


4 Aug 2021

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

July 2021 Matched Betting Overview

What was meant to be a quieter month actually ended up on quite a high thanks to Glorious Goodwood.

The timing of Goodwood was absolutely spot on adding an extra boost to our bankrolls ready for the start of the English Football League (7th August) and the Premier League (13th August).

Member Reported Profits for July 2021

With an ever growing community of tens of thousands we now have two dedicated locations where Profit Accumulator members can report their end of month profits from Matched Betting.

The first is accessible to all via our Facebook Group.

The second is only available to our Platinum and Diamond Member via our Matched Betting forum.

These kinds of community posts act as a great motivator for newer members, but also show those thinking about starting just how much money can be made with Matched Betting when you decide to take action and put a bit of time and effort into it – even when you work full-time, like a good number of our members do...

It's also worth remembering that the vast majority of members reporting their monthly profits in these community threads have fully completed all the bookmaker signup offers and are only making money now Matched Betting reload offers.

Our Top Picks

Here’s our picks from our community of real members, earning real (tax-free) money with Matched Betting!

First of all, our more experienced members who have invested time in learning how to do Horse Racing Extra Places (or 'EPs') - a type of Advanced Matched Betting Reload Offer - appear to have had an absolutely bumper Goodwood...

Even without learning Extra Places - there were still plenty of other opportunities to make money - including with Casino Offers.

Profits from reloads can vary substantially based on a multitude of factors - including how much time a member has spare to do Matched Betting, their level of experience and the size of their Matched Betting bankroll.

As the forum is only accessible to our Platinum and Diamond members, if you’d like to ask our members directly how much you could make with Matched Betting, or about how much time they spend Matched Betting and similar topics, then our Facebook Group is a great place to do so. There are (at the time of writing) over 30,000 new and long-term members in the group so it's a really great resource to take advantage of for any beginner.

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Interested in Getting Started Matched Betting?

You can start learning for free with our free trial and make your first profits.

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Alternatively, upgrade to our Platinum Membership here.
You can easily make the cost of your membership back within an hour or so once you get the hang of things. Talk about value for money!

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