How much money did our members make last month? November 2021


6 Dec 2021

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

November 2021 Matched Betting Overview

Another fantastic month for Matched Betting.

There was a busy sporting calendar, plus lots of offers from the bookies. The result? Loads of opportunities for our members to make tax-free cash with Matched Betting!

Price boosts continue to provide amazing ongoing profits. In November, our members shared over 600 pop-up price boosts on our Matched Betting Forum. Based on using either a £10 stake on each boost, or the max stake allowed, the total profit available from pop-up price boosts was £1170.10. Of course, getting on every single boost isn't realistic. But, we discuss what you can achieve with a few minutes each day here: Reload Offer Insights - Pop-Up Price Boosts.

Into December, another action packed calendar awaits. This includes Premier League and Champions League Football, ITV Horse Racing, The Ashes Cricket and plenty more! There are often extra offers in the run up to Christmas. There will be so many opportunities for you to make tax-free cash from Matched Betting!

If you haven't already, now could be the perfect time to check out out our Diamond Membership option this month. Our Diamond Membership can take your profits to a whole new level by showing you how to take advantage of casino bonuses. Lots of casinos are running advent calendar offers this month, with a new offer available each day. This means there are even more opportunities than normal to grow your profits from casino offers.

Member Reported Profits for November 2021

Members can report their end of month profits from Matched Betting. The first is accessible to all via our Facebook Group.

The second is only available to our Platinum and Diamond Member via our Matched Betting forum.

These community posts act as a great motivator for newer members, but also show those thinking about starting just how much money can be made with Matched Betting when you decide to take action and put a bit of time and effort into it – even when you work full-time, like a good number of our members do...

It's worth remembering that many members reporting their monthly profits have already completed the bookmaker signup offers. They are only making money from Matched Betting reload offers.

Our Top Picks

Here are our picks from our community of members, earning real (tax-free) money with Matched Betting!

Yet to start Matched Betting? In November, we helped hundreds of people, just like you, get started on their Matched Betting journey.

Lots of new members were eager to share their results, with many making £300-£600 profit in their first month!

With our completely free trial you can learn the basics of Matched Betting in less than 10 minutes, and make your first £40+ profit.

It wasn't only our newer members who banked some fantastic tax-free profits. Many of our longer term members reported fantastic profits too!

Platinum Membership gives you all guides and tools needed to earn a a long-term second income from Matched Betting. This could be anywhere from £3000 to £10000 extra a year in your pocket!

Diamond Membership can take your profits to a whole new level by showing you how to take advantage of casino bonuses.

Casino offers can be a fantastic way to keep your profits growing after the sports sign ups. There is the potential to make thousands of pounds profit!

Our forum is only accessible to our Platinum and Diamond members. But if you’d like to ask our members how much you could make Matched Betting, or about how much time they spend Matched Betting and similar topics, then our Facebook Group is a great place to do so. There are over 36,000 new and long-term members in the group. It's an amazing resource to take advantage of for any beginner.

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Interested in Getting Started Matched Betting?

You can start learning for free with our free trial and make your first profits.

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Alternatively, upgrade to our Platinum Membership here.
You can easily make the cost of your membership back within an hour or so once you get the hang of things. Talk about value for money!

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