How Skrill makes matched betting easier

James McMath

6 Apr 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

If you're serious about making a long-term profit, it makes sense to have an ewallet such as Skrill for matched betting.

Skrill - formerly known as Moneybookers - has several benefits that come in particularly useful for matched bettors.

Here's a few of Skrill's features:

Move your money fast

By its nature, matched betting means you're likely to have to regularly move money around across several accounts. While withdrawals to banks can take a few days, Skrill allows instant withdrawal.

For matched bettors, this can be a Godsend as it takes some of the strain off your bankroll - pending withdrawals become a thing of the past.


Using Skrill means you do not have to share your bank details with bookmakers and you can be sure your information will not be shared.

Account activity

Using Skrill means there are no limits to gambling-related transactions, but also keeps activity separate from your current account. This can help you track your matched betting activity and also prevents your monthly current account statement becoming littered with bookmaker deposits and withdrawals.


Receiving money is free. Uploading funds is usually free, though some options involve a small charge. Sending money to an email address or other Skrill wallet costs 1.9% of the amount sent, capped at €20.


The Skrill VIP programme lets users earn rewards such as lower fees and multi-currency options. The VIP programme has for tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond - which are determined by how much Skrill is used.

Play your card right

Skrill offers customers a pre-paid card, which funds can be added to. This can be used to withdraw funds from Skrill accounts, make payments at some outlets and used as travel money.

Things to bear in mind

You should bear in mind that many bookmakers do not allow initial deposits from Skrill to qualify for sign-up offers, so it's probably best to use Skrill once you have completed the sign-ups.

And, remember, it is free to open a Skrill account but there is a commission charge on some transactions.