Is Matched Betting Profitable in 2018?

David Bagshaw

30 Apr 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Every year people ask the same question - is matched betting still profitable? 2018 has been no different.

The reality is the best time to start matched betting is now. There is still a good amount of money to be made. That's a fact and here are a few reasons why.

0% Commission Deals

Commission payments at betting exchanges have always been part of matched betting. You use a service and you pay a fee for it, makes sense. In recent months though this has changed. Now both Matchbook and Smarkets are currently running 0% commission deals, just for matched bettors. Both of these offers are exclusive to Profit Accumulator Platinum members.

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Betfair has always been the first exchange that matched bettors use as it had the best interface and the largest array of markets. Then usually after a few months, matched bettors would move to Matchbook or Smarkets in order to save money. Now you can save even more money (and maximise your earnings) because you will pay a 0% commission rate on all bets. This is something that people used to dream of, and now it’s a reality.

New Types of bets

The gambling industry is always evolving. For example, online poker sites such as
has been very popular in the last few years.

In terms of sports betting, the actual offers themselves are also evolving. A whole host of new types of offers have sprung up, and we have instructions and software on how to profit from all of them.

Each Way Betting

Each way betting is when your stake is divided into two separate parts: one on the horse to win and one on the horse to place (i.e. to finish in a certain place). The ‘place’ can vary, but it usually means your horse finishes in one of the top three or four positions. However, in a large field (such as the Grand National), extra places are extended to the first 5 or 6 places.

Our Each Way Catcher helps make the process as easy as possible.


Dutching allows you to compare the odds between bookmakers, rather than between bookmaker and exchange. Dutching is a betting strategy that involves backing multiple selections to make sure the outcome is the same, no matter who wins. It can be complicated, but we have the software to make it easy.

Our Dutching Calculator helps make things simple.


The 2up offer is one of the most popular bookmaker offers among matched bettors - because it can trigger huge profits.

On selected football, tennis, and rugby union matches, Paddy Power and Bet365 will pay bets as winners if your team goes two goals ahead in football, your tennis player goes two sets up or your rugby team goes 10 points in front. Paddy Power and Bet365 2up offers have been very popular with matched bettors recently.

Our early pay-out calculator is invaluable for this offer

Price Boosts

Price boosts are regular enhanced odds offers bookies use to incentivise customers to bet with them. Several of the major bookmakers use price boosts - though some have different names for them. A typical example of a price boost would be in a football market - for example Alexis Sanchez to score first with enhanced odds from 5/1 to 7/1.

Close matches for price boost offers are posted all the time on our forum. It’s very hard to profit from this type of offer unless you have these close matches, and due the nature of the ways odds move and change, they might only stay valid for a short while. That's why it's so important to be following the right threads on our forum and use the wisdom of the crowd to help you make a good profit.

How Do I Get Involved?

For anybody new to matched betting, don't worry about the stores of doom and gloom around bookmaker offers. As you can see the industry is evolving not shrinking. Here at Profit Accumulator we have all the video instructions, software and expertise to help you keep profiting.

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