Matched Betting Profits: October 2018

Jack Taylor

9 Nov 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Every month we ask our members how much money they have made from matched betting in the previous month.

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The Picks From October's Thread

We'll start with the new members. These are all members that are in their first few months of matched betting. If you're a free trial member and you upgraded to be a Platinum member, these are the numbers you could expect to see:

Next we move to the more experienced members. These are the members that have been on the site for a while so know the ropes. Typically they are making their money from the recurring reload offers.

The differences in the numbers is decided by two things, time and bank size. How much time they dedicated to doing all the offers and learning the process, and how much of their profits are still invested into the bankroll. The higher bank you have, the more offers you are able to-do at the same time and the higher odds you are able to take (higher odds = bigger returns).

These members had their best ever month in October:

This member worked how much their matched betting winnings are adding to their salary - £58k a year, not bad!

Last but not least we have a nice story from someone using matched betting to help supplement their pension:

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