McGregor v Mayweather - Free Betting Tips & Odds

James McMath

24 Jul 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

The super-fight Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather will take place in August. Here's all you need to know about the fight, including boxing journalists' predictions, free betting tips, betting odds and how to watch.

McGregor v Mayweather predictions

Leading boxing journalists shared their views on the fight. Here's their McGregor v Mayweather predictions:

David Anderson, Daily Mirror

"First things first, this is not a great sporting event.

"It is two of sport's greatest self-publicists coming together to see how many millions they can make through pure hype.

"A great fight was Anthony Joshua against Wladimir Klitschko which proved to be an epic event, which lived up to the hype. As a contest, this will come nowhere near that.

"For all of Conor McGregor's brash talk, he's not a boxer. He had a few fights as a amateur, growing up in his native Dublin before he took up cage fighting.

"This should be a mismatch, even if Floyd Mayweather Junior is coming out of retirement.

"The build-up is proving to be hugely entertaining - if two blokes standing trading insults and making rude gestures is your kind of thing"

"Few of Mayweather's opponents ever landed a glove on him because he is so elusive. He is a ghost and is a master of the art of boxing, which is hitting without being hit.

"But he's never been a big puncher, being content to counter-punch opponents on his way to points wins. That gives McGregor a chance and success for him would be to take Mayweather the distance.

"I can see that happening and he is strong, gutsy and aggressive. But McGregor beating Mayweather - get real!

"Yes, McGregor is a two-weight world champ at UFC and is younger.

"But boxing and MMA are two very different sports and Mayweather does not plan to engage McGregor. He will do what he always does and he will use his unrivalled ring craft to pick off McGregor while keeping out of trouble.

"Mayweather is extremely clever in that he only picks fights he knows he will win. Like fabled Chinese warrior Sun Tsz in the fifth century, he only seeks battle after the victory is won.

"He has done the same with McGregor as he searched for that opponent for that record-breaking 50-0 tally. I just can't see the fight being competitive and for me Mayweather wins every day.

"But the build-up is proving to be hugely entertaining - if two blokes standing trading insults and making rude gestures is your kind of thing.

"Just don't expect the fun to continue when the first bell goes."

Chris McKenna, Daily Star

"Floyd Mayweather Jnr against Conor McGregor is a massive mismatch. On one side you have the greatest boxer to grace the ring since Sugar Ray Leonard and on the other side you have a professional boxing debutant who has only minimal amateur experience as a novice back in Dublin when he was a teenager. Vasyl Lomachenko had over 300 amateur bouts, won two Olympic gold medals, two world amateur titles and lost just one bout in the unpaid ranks.

"In his second professional bout he challenged for a world title but came up short against Orlando Salido, a very good but not great fighter. So what chance does McGregor have against the best fighter of this generation? Mayweather could end the bout whenever he fancies."

Steve Lillis, BoxNation

"McGregor is a fantastic character and has a brilliant MMA game, but when it comes to boxing he wouldn’t even win an Irish title. Forget the talk that he his bigger and hits hard, boxing is different to MMA striking. Mayweather can end the mismatch whenever he wants and will get the job done by the halfway point."

Ben Dirs, freelance journalist and author

"On 26 August, Floyd Mayweather, the greatest defensive boxer of the modern era and undefeated in 49 paid contests, takes on Conor McGregor, a man who has never had a professional fight and would struggle to win an Irish amateur title.

"It's a freak show, a con, an almighty money-spinner and it wouldn't surprise me if they were texting each other throughout the build-up. Mayweather will stop him in the middle rounds."

Jonathan Best, freelance boxing writer

"As I march into my thirties it's getting harder and harder to stay awake for the opening bell of the these American PPVs. I'm intrigued enough by the Mayweather McGregor bout to fill myself full of caffeine and tune in - if only on the off chance that Vince McMahon might burst into the arena and hit one of the pugilists over the head with a steel chair.

"Where Mayweather is concerned the best option is almost always betting on him to win a points decision. but I worry about the Irishman getting disqualified given that Queensbury rules will be a big change for him.

"So I'll go with the total rounds market and take the over on 7.5 rounds @ 5/6 on Unibet."

McGregor v Mayweather start time

The fight will be at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be on August 26 2017 and in the early hours of August 27 in the UK. The pay-per-view show is advertised at starting at 9pm Eastern Time, which is 2am British Summer Time.

However, the main event is scheduled to be top of a four-fight card, meaning the McGregor v Mayweather start time is likely to be at least after 4am, depending on the duration of the other contests. For viewers in the UK, it's either a very late night or an early start.

The fight will be shown on Sky Box Office (channel 491 and 492 in HD). The event costs £19.95 or €24.95 until midnight on Friday August 25. The price goes up to £26.95 or €29.95 after that and reverts back to original prices from 7am on Sunday morning, so viewers can watch repeat viewings at 10am and 5pm.

McGregor v Mayweather live streaming

Whether official broadcasters like it or not, there are bound to be plenty of places to catch McGregor v Mayweather live streaming, though such streams are illegal in the UK.

McGregor v Mayweather live streaming is available legally in the UK via Sky. To watch via PC/Desktop/Mac, NOW TV box, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet, go to to create an account and pay. The event is priced at £19.95 for UK customers, €24.95 for Republic of Ireland customers.

McGregor v Mayweather betting odds

Mayweather is regarded by many as the greatest fighter of his generation and is undefeated in his professional career, while McGregor, whose background is in MMA, has never fought in a professional boxing match.

It is little surprise, then to see Mayweather as short as 1/9 with some bookmakers. The best price available is 2/11 with Marathon Bet.

McGregor is 11/2 with BlackType, while the draw is 50/1 with most firms. The punters haven't been put off, however. At the time of publishing, the betting patterns at Oddschecker looked like this:

McGregor v Mayweather method of victory betting

The favourite method of victory is Mayweather by knockout, technical knockout or disqualification - that's 4/6 with the majority of firms.

Mayweather by points is 12/5 with Betway, while McGregor by KO, TKO or DQ is 5/1. McGregor on points is 40/1.

McGregor v Mayweather round betting odds

Mayweather, 40, to win in rounds 6, 7 or eight are all similarly priced at 14/1. Mayweather after round one is 28/1. Here's a full list of round betting odds from Bet365.

  • Mayweather Jr Round 6 12/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 7 12/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 8 12/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 5 12/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 9 12/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 4 16/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 10 14/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 3 20/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 2 25/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 11 18/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 1 28/1
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr Round 12 22/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 4 33/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 1 33/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 2 33/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 3 33/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 5 33/1
  • Conor McGregor On Points 22/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 6 40/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 7 40/1
  • Draw 40/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 8 50/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 9 50/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 10 66/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 11 66/1
  • Conor McGregor Round 12 80/1

McGregor v Mayweather quotes

McGregor and Mayweather have held press conferences in LA, Toronto, New York and London as part of the huge build up to the fight.

Here's some of the best quotes from the press tour:

"He looks good for a seven-figure fighter. He looks good for an eight-figure fighter. But I'm a nine-figure fighter" -Floyd Mayweather on Conor McGregor's earnings.

"You're right, I'm the IRS and I'm gonna tax your ass" - Mayweather reacting to McGregor's quips about his tax situation.

"What’re you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even read!" - McGregor on Mayweather's backpack of money.

"He’s in a f**king tracksuit, he can’t even afford a suit anymore" - McGregor on Mayweather's attire.

McGregor v Mayweather predictions - your say

McGregor v Mayweather betting offers - updated August 2017

An event of this magnitude has the bookies licking their lips. The bookies are scrambling for punters' attention, with a host of McGregor v Mayweather betting offers.

Profit Accumulator members will be using these offers to earn guaranteed profit from the event. You can find out how it's done here.

An example of some of the McGregor v Mayweather betting offers:

  • Betfair new customer offer: Mayweather to win 20/1. McGregor to win 40/1. Claim here
  • Paddy Power new customer offer: Mayweather to win 20/1. McGregor to win 40/1.