How Much Our Members Earned In February 2018

David Bagshaw

6 Mar 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Every month we ask our forum members how much money they have made from matched betting, during that month.

These kind of threads are good because they can be inspiring for other members, or just prove to non-members that the system actually works. These are real members, earning real money!

Our Pick From February's Thread

Catrib has been with us for a year now and was kind enough to post their yearly profit breakdown by month, to help highlight the consistency of matched betting profits. Many people think that after you have worked your way through the sign up offers, profits will dry up - but that's not the case.

El_Kloppo84 joined us November 2016 and just had his best month, with a profit of £1,100. The majority of his profits seem to have come from 2up offers (read more here). Also interestingly, he says he only uses three main bookmakers to get his profits.

Lbmarkshall84 made £445.60, a more modest sum but still a good profit. Nice mention of the matched betting daily diary threads that we have been running recently as well. Mark’s post in particular has been very well received by members who needed a bit of guidance on which offer to do. More info here.

Plbrael made £623.26 from price boosts, casino offers and accumulators.

Djfart beat their monthly aim of £300, with a total of £380. That’s with less than an hour's matched betting every weeknight and a few hours on a few weekends. Not a bad hourly wage when you work it out!

Jefe made an impressive £1,100. Their second best month ever since joining us. Looks like a family holiday to Florida later on in the year has been fully paid for with matched betting as well. Good stuff!

Littlecrab has earned £697.86...and thats with no matched betting on the weekends. Good effort. Mostly sports offers and a few casino.

If you’re already a Platinum member, you can view the forum thread here.

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