Profit Accumulator April 2017 Roundup

Jordan Atkinson

30 Apr 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Grand National Introductions

The Grand National is one of the major events of the year for matched bettors and regular punters alike. We decided to run a introduce a few new features of our own for our current members and potential new members. We released our Enhanced Profit Tracker, our Gubbed Bookmaker Filter and also gave our members the ability to export saved accumulators so they can backup their accas! More info on those three to follow:

Enhanced Profit Tracker

This allows you to keep track of your balance, withdrawals and starting bank with each individual bookmaker, negating the need for anymore complicated spreadsheets. It works side by side with our regular Profit Tracker introduced last month.

Gubbed Bookmaker Filter

This gives you the ability to remove offers from bookmakers that you have been gubbed by, cleaning up your offer feed and allowing you to focus on just the offers you can complete and qualify for.

Export Saved Accas

This was a highly requested features from many of our members. It gives you the option to export all your saved accas to a .csv file for storage on your desktop, meaning you will have an offline copy of any accas that are live.

Bet 365 in-play offer

The Bet 365 offers were probably our highlight offers of the month and deserve a special mention. There was a guaranteed £80 offer running during the Grand National then a few days later a guaranteed £35 running on the Champions League. These two offers alone gave a huge boost to our members profits for that week.

We really were spoiled by those two offers form Bet 365 - but hopefully there's plenty more to come in the coming weeks and months!

Dutching Calculator Beta

Our Dutching Calculator has been in development for a while now and we have just introduced the beta of it to our members. We're receiving valuable feedback that's really helping further the development and bring the full release date closer and closer. It makes placing a dutch bet a lot easier and takes the majority of the work out of it for you.


All in all another great month here at Profit Accumulator. Making our members lives easier is our main priority - it's why we exist as a company and has been our mission from day one. This last couple of months we have been making it our main focus and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So, stay tuned and stay with us. May is already lining up to be another very exciting month indeed...