Profit Accumulator November 2017 Roundup

Jordan Atkinson

1 Dec 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Betfair Integration

Betfair and Profit Accumulator have teamed up to introduce Betfair Integration for the Profit Accumulator website. Betfair Exchange will now be integrated with our Oddsmatching tool, allowing seamless laying of bets on the Betfair Exchange. It links your Profit Accumulator account and your Betfair Exchange account.

Betfair are the exchange that we recommend all new matched bettors to use, due to the ease of use of their site, the good liquidity and the wide range of markets.

Google 2-Factor Verification

Here at PA we take security very seriously, especially now you can bet on-site using our Betfair Integration tool. That’s why we’ve just released 2-step verification on site. It’s an optional extra layer of security that requires you to download the Google Authenticator app, which provides you with an extra code needed to log in (if you activate the feature).

2-Factor Verification (sometimes also known as two-step authentication) gives the ability to add an extra layer of security to your account. You sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone).

Matchbook 0% Savings for Members

We teamed up with Matchbook back at the end of September to offer 0% commission on horse racing on their exchange. One thing led to another and we managed to secure 0% commission on all sports for Profit Accumulator members. The offer was due to run out at the end of October but has now been extended till the end of January.

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November Profit Total

We broke the £1000 and £300 per month targets with 10 days to spare this month. Final totals for the "how to make £1000 per month" thread came in at £1,577.50 and final totals for the "how to make £300 per month part-time" thread came in at £767.00!

New Video Tutorials and Guides

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Betfair Integration Guide
Probability Calculator Guide
Two Factor Authentication Guide
Black Type Signup
Sport Pesa Signup

Video Directory

Here at Profit Accumulator we believe that video tutorials are a vital tool to assist you on your matched betting journey. We have a range of videos covering a wide variety of matched betting subjects from beginners level right up to advanced techniques.

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